Lesson One: A New (and quite old) Song!


“Lesson One” is an old song that predates even the first Glass Apple Bonzai songs and ideas.
I wrote it at least 10 years ago using hardware only. My S3000xl sampler with some Roland TR707 drum machine samples, a Roland JX8P synth, a Tascam 4-track cassette multitracker, and driving it all was a computer my friend The Stevebot built for me called The FrankenMac.
Over the years it made its way, in various incarnations from computer-to-computer, backup disk-to-backup disk, and so on.

After redoing it in FL Studio (and subsequently revising it even more times) it just sat there being unused for ages.
Until now.

I decided that this is the kind of thing I need to include on the Glass Apple Bonzai special edition cassette that is included in some of the perks on the Indiegogo campaign:

Glass Apple Bonzai Indiegogo Campaign

So here I am, sharing it with you.
As it turns out, during the process of completing and preparing the material for the cassette I’ve essentially finished a whole album’s worth of material.
I think after all is said and done I might revise the songs a bit more and eventually release them properly.
Though, because of the nature of how I work on things I’m sure some large changes with be made…thus making the cassette versions rare and unique.
One thing I’ve always loved is when there’s multiple versions of songs by bands that are staggered between various releases.
Some people might say that was a ploy to sell more units, but I like to think that it makes certain versions special and worth having.

There’s 12 days left on the campaign and there’s still plenty to pay for!
Thanks for all the help so far, and enjoy the song!


– Daniel X. Belasco

Stickers, T-shirts, and Artwork! Oh My!

Here’s a wee dash of an update on all things Bonzai.

Yesterday marked the first “official” Glass Apple Bonzai band rehearsal. Which basically means that Steve came over and we jammed a few tunes, ate some food, made fun of each other, and talked about how awesome all our gear is.
We got through the first half of the set without our brains exploding, so I say that’s a good sign.

And like a slap in the face with a frozen piece of pepperoni pizza the Great Funding Quest of 2014! is still well underway and doing quite well. There’s 19 days left and it’s at almost $900 of the $2000 goal.
That’s pretty whiz-bang!
The album is still in the mastering phase, and as of yesterday all the album artwork is done. And as of today the first batch of super-mega-rare custom T-shirts are being schemed over by the illustrious and poorly illustrated Ethan Moseley of Promonium Jesters (also the drummer for Defence Mechanism).

Here’s a link to the Indiegogo campaign:

Glass Apple Bonzai crowd funding campaign

After getting the album back all fresh’n’mastered the first order of business will be to send out an order for CD’s, and to send out the order for the special edition cassette tapes (which are super rad, btw), and of course work on all the special things for the various contributors (incredibly awesome and important people).
If contributions keep coming in the way they have been then everything will work out just fine. We’re still looking at it being until almost the 1st of May before everything is complete, but that’s perfect timing to be prepared for our performance at Kinetik Festival 2014*

*a note to all those attending Kinetik this year that if you’ve contributed you can pick up your packages directly from me at Kinetik if you so desire

Also, I mentioned on mein Facebook page that I sent out and order for stickers.
Well, these are the stickers I ordered. Fancy, no?



Well, it’s time for me to go back to getting things done.
Thanks for all the help and support so far, it means a great deal!


– Daniel X. Belasco

The Quest Continues…

I’m only a few days into the Great Funding Quest of 2014 Indiegogo campaign and already I’ve reached 1/3rd the goal!
Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far and also to everyone who has shared the link everywhere.
Admittedly I’m surprised at the number of supporters. Glass Apple Bonzai isn’t a well known project, and even my other band Defence Mechanism isn’t all that well known.
But what this shows is that the friends, fans, and supporters I DO have a really quite awesome and that they believe in what I’m doing musically and want to see it go further.
That’s a pretty awesome feeling, I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve already raised enough money to get a few of the tasks completed, namely the album mastering, so why wait until the campaign is over to get the ball rolling?!
I’m putting the finishing touches on two songs, the last little details, and then shipping the whole thing off to Martin Bowes at The Cage Mastering Studios within the next few days.
That’s a good feeling too. Knowing that everything is coming together the way it should.
I’m also sending up an order for the stickers. I spent a few hours last night on the designs, and while I was at it I designed some 1″ buttons as well. Just one more thing to give away to people. People like free stuff, and I like making stuff to give people for free.

The artwork for the album is coming along nicely. The designs Paul Sizer has sent me look great. The concept is quite simple in nature and may or may not be an homage to artwork for a certain movie that came out in the early 80’s about a musician brain surgeon physicist stunt driver who briefly travels into the 8th dimension.
I’ve taken a few of the concepts from the design Paul came up with and made a unique insert for the special edition cassette tape that looks pretty awesome, if I might say so myself.

There’s 27 days left in the campaign and that’s plenty of time to reach the final goal (and maybe even surpass it).
I can only do this with your help, so please feel free to share this wherever you feel necessary.
And again, Thank You!

To go to the campaign click this image:

The Great Funding Quest
Glass Apple Bonzai: The Great Funding Quest of 2014

– Daniel X. Belasco

The Great Funding Quest of 2014!

Well, here it is! The Great Funding Quest of 2014 has begun!
I’ve setup an Indiegogo campaign to help get the debut Glass Apple Bonzai album finished, properly mastered, to have rad artwork done by the wonderful Mr. Paul Sizer (paulsizer.com), for a totally awesome CD to be pressed, and for a run of special edition cassette tapes with, like 400 billion wickedly cool things on them! (and some more cool stuff).

The perks were the most fun part to come up with, to be honest.

Anyhow, every little bit of help…helps.
Even if it’s just spreading the word!

The album is really tasty, and I want to share that tastiness with all of you.

Click the image below:


My Alliance to Science!

Back when I was writing demos for what is to become the debut Glass Apple Bonzai I wrote this really rad and somewhat awkward sounding song using only an AKAI MPC 2000xl that I had bought of a friend, but has since retired and a Yamaha Tenori-On, which has also been retired.
I say “awkward” only because it was synth pop, but not the same flavour as the rest of the stuff I was writing.
There’s a strange, harder edge to it while still maintaining a niceness. I guess.

Anyway, I tracked some rough gibberish vocals over it like I always do and during the one chorus I said “My Alliance. To Science. Is My Defiance.”, which is both totally awesome and utterly ridiculous.
Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. The song was dropped from the album because it didn’t fit, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of completing what I feel is a really strong tune, regardless.

I get an email from Artoffact records about my submission to the Kinetik Festival 2014 Compilation CD and I could think of no better song than this awkward one with science in the title, so I sit down to right some lyrics and finish the tune. Because the chorus of “my alliance to science is my defiance” was already firmly engrained in my psyche I figured I’d write a testimony of sorts about how I put my faith in the scientific world and have renounced all sense and concept of a religion from my personal life.
Of course, I believe that each individual can believe in whatever they choose, so I made it as non-confrontational as I could. (though it is a little heavy-handed in a couple of spots)

And in the true retro fashion the version I made for the compilation was called “My Alliance to Science (Radio Edit)”, denoting that it was fairly short (just under 4 minutes).
But because I’m SO RETRO and have a long standing love affair with 12″ extended/club mixes of songs…I went ahead and made one.

So here it is: My Alliance to Science (Extended Mix)

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