My Alliance to Science!

Back when I was writing demos for what is to become the debut Glass Apple Bonzai I wrote this really rad and somewhat awkward sounding song using only an AKAI MPC 2000xl that I had bought of a friend, but has since retired and a Yamaha Tenori-On, which has also been retired.
I say “awkward” only because it was synth pop, but not the same flavour as the rest of the stuff I was writing.
There’s a strange, harder edge to it while still maintaining a niceness. I guess.

Anyway, I tracked some rough gibberish vocals over it like I always do and during the one chorus I said “My Alliance. To Science. Is My Defiance.”, which is both totally awesome and utterly ridiculous.
Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. The song was dropped from the album because it didn’t fit, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of completing what I feel is a really strong tune, regardless.

I get an email from Artoffact records about my submission to the Kinetik Festival 2014 Compilation CD and I could think of no better song than this awkward one with science in the title, so I sit down to right some lyrics and finish the tune. Because the chorus of “my alliance to science is my defiance” was already firmly engrained in my psyche I figured I’d write a testimony of sorts about how I put my faith in the scientific world and have renounced all sense and concept of a religion from my personal life.
Of course, I believe that each individual can believe in whatever they choose, so I made it as non-confrontational as I could. (though it is a little heavy-handed in a couple of spots)

And in the true retro fashion the version I made for the compilation was called “My Alliance to Science (Radio Edit)”, denoting that it was fairly short (just under 4 minutes).
But because I’m SO RETRO and have a long standing love affair with 12″ extended/club mixes of songs…I went ahead and made one.

So here it is: My Alliance to Science (Extended Mix)

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