The Quest Continues…

I’m only a few days into the Great Funding Quest of 2014 Indiegogo campaign and already I’ve reached 1/3rd the goal!
Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far and also to everyone who has shared the link everywhere.
Admittedly I’m surprised at the number of supporters. Glass Apple Bonzai isn’t a well known project, and even my other band Defence Mechanism isn’t all that well known.
But what this shows is that the friends, fans, and supporters I DO have a really quite awesome and that they believe in what I’m doing musically and want to see it go further.
That’s a pretty awesome feeling, I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve already raised enough money to get a few of the tasks completed, namely the album mastering, so why wait until the campaign is over to get the ball rolling?!
I’m putting the finishing touches on two songs, the last little details, and then shipping the whole thing off to Martin Bowes at The Cage Mastering Studios within the next few days.
That’s a good feeling too. Knowing that everything is coming together the way it should.
I’m also sending up an order for the stickers. I spent a few hours last night on the designs, and while I was at it I designed some 1″ buttons as well. Just one more thing to give away to people. People like free stuff, and I like making stuff to give people for free.

The artwork for the album is coming along nicely. The designs Paul Sizer has sent me look great. The concept is quite simple in nature and may or may not be an homage to artwork for a certain movie that came out in the early 80’s about a musician brain surgeon physicist stunt driver who briefly travels into the 8th dimension.
I’ve taken a few of the concepts from the design Paul came up with and made a unique insert for the special edition cassette tape that looks pretty awesome, if I might say so myself.

There’s 27 days left in the campaign and that’s plenty of time to reach the final goal (and maybe even surpass it).
I can only do this with your help, so please feel free to share this wherever you feel necessary.
And again, Thank You!

To go to the campaign click this image:

The Great Funding Quest
Glass Apple Bonzai: The Great Funding Quest of 2014

– Daniel X. Belasco

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