Lesson One: A New (and quite old) Song!


“Lesson One” is an old song that predates even the first Glass Apple Bonzai songs and ideas.
I wrote it at least 10 years ago using hardware only. My S3000xl sampler with some Roland TR707 drum machine samples, a Roland JX8P synth, a Tascam 4-track cassette multitracker, and driving it all was a computer my friend The Stevebot built for me called The FrankenMac.
Over the years it made its way, in various incarnations from computer-to-computer, backup disk-to-backup disk, and so on.

After redoing it in FL Studio (and subsequently revising it even more times) it just sat there being unused for ages.
Until now.

I decided that this is the kind of thing I need to include on the Glass Apple Bonzai special edition cassette that is included in some of the perks on the Indiegogo campaign:

Glass Apple Bonzai Indiegogo Campaign

So here I am, sharing it with you.
As it turns out, during the process of completing and preparing the material for the cassette I’ve essentially finished a whole album’s worth of material.
I think after all is said and done I might revise the songs a bit more and eventually release them properly.
Though, because of the nature of how I work on things I’m sure some large changes with be made…thus making the cassette versions rare and unique.
One thing I’ve always loved is when there’s multiple versions of songs by bands that are staggered between various releases.
Some people might say that was a ploy to sell more units, but I like to think that it makes certain versions special and worth having.

There’s 12 days left on the campaign and there’s still plenty to pay for!
Thanks for all the help so far, and enjoy the song!


– Daniel X. Belasco

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