GAB Performing at AFTERMATH Festival

As most of you know, Kinetik Festival – one of the bigger Industrial/Electronic/EBM festivals – was canceled. Not only for this year, but apparently forever and ever.
Kinetik was to be the stage, literally, for Glass Apple Bonzai’s debut live performance and with the collapse of the festival it seemed that perhaps some rescheduling was in order, and of course huge amounts of disappointment.

Enter the fine minds of Troy Hilton (Darker Side of Light Promotions), Alex Kennedy (I Die:You Die), and Scott Fox (iVardensphere) put their noses to the grind stoned and made a new fire from the ashes of Kinetik.
This fire is called “AFTERMATH :: Industrial/EBM/Synthpop May 22-25th, 2014 ::“, and as you can see it takes place the same weekend that Kinetik was scheduled.


That’s right, we’ve been reinstated and will be performing our debut gig at Aftermath.
Here’s a banner. Because…banners.
AFTERMATH: Industrial/EBM/Synthpop Festival

I know it says “Industrial” on the banner/cover/image/whatever but it’s not just industrial music. Trust me.

I’m really jazzed to be a part of this festival and can’t wait to perform the Bonzai material live. Especially to a bunch of people…instead of the usual room full of 15 people at a dank bar with the crappiest sound system ever. (OK, I kinda like those shows too)

Anyhow, in the meantime I’m busy preparing all of the perk packages for the Indiegogo campaign, and rehearing for the live set.
Hope to see some of you at AFTERMATH!


– Daniel X. Belasco

And now, a word from our sponsor!

Whammo! The official post-campaign update.

When I initially set my goal of $2000 I realistically thought that I’d maybe bring in $600 or so. Mostly because some people had already said they’d contribute before I even started the campaign.
Now I know people usually say “I never thought it would turn out this good!” but I genuinely didn’t think I would reach $1453!
I mean, who am I? right?
Just some dude who makes synthpop and generally has cool hair.

All physical merch can be paid for solely by contributions.
I still need to pay a bit out of pocket, but so what?
I wouldn’t even be this far without the contributions so having to shell out a couple hundred bones to finish the whole deal is not a problem.

The only unfortunate thing right now is the waiting time.
I have to wait for all the credit card payments to clear and then I can send in the order for CDs. Then once they’re back I have mail out all the perk packages.

Speaking of perks, there were a few people that got some of the bigger ones. Like the personalised podcast, the custom ringtone, and the big enchilada…the custom-made SONG!
That’s right, someone hit up the biggest available perk!

How cool is that?

I’ll get to work on those things asap AND the digital downloads of the album will be made available tomorrow. (I’ll be emailing out download codes personally, so keep an eye out for that).
The album won’t be released to the public until May 1st, so you get almost a whole month to listen to it in your own private Idaho.

Here are some of the contributors that I really, REALLY want to thank publicly.
Without these awesome people none of this would happen.

Ryan Mallette, Vanessa Tarling, Robert Wagner, Lance Pilon, Suzy Roy, Herman Wang, Joshua Starkey, Ryan Cameron-Clark, Brian Graupner, Morgan, Adrian & Trent, Bruce Lord, Jason Meadows, Mandy Wells, Alex Ready, Ethan Moseley, Barbara Moser, Roanne Seguin, Robotnik The Destroyer, Jill Grant, Shantell Powell, Van Owen, Mike Bryant, Kisho,  and Kyle Greer.

THANK YOU! to each and every one of you who contributed money and even just the time to share the campaign with your friends.

I think now is also a good time to share with you the album cover design.
Paul Sizer and I tried a number of different ideas and the one we seemed to agree on was considerably more simple and less stereotypically 80’s than originally intended.
But there’s a reason for that…that reason being that we decided on paying homage to one of the greatest films of the 1980’s and also one of the greatest films ever made.
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
After all, the way I spell “Bonzai” in the band name is a tribute to Buckaroo Banzai as well, so why not make the artwork a tribute as well?

If anyone remembers seeing (or through the power of the internet has seen) the ads in comic books and such before the movie came out then you’ll understand where this came from.

Official album cover for Glass Apple Bonzai
Official album cover for Glass Apple Bonzai


Needless to say I’m incredibly happy with the artwork even though it is considerably different than what I originally intended.
But then again, I want this album to stand out as an individual among the sea of synthpop/synthwave releases out there.
I think a slightly tacky, but still very refined and bold looking album cover was the perfect treatment for Glass Apple Bonzai’s debut album.


So there we have it. Only a few more weeks until everything is on it’s way to your homes.
I can’t thank all of you enough for helping me, it really means a great deal.



– Daniel X. Belasco

P.s. I’ll update about the Kinetik Festival situation tomorrow. Some things are in the works so it might not be all for naught.

Nearing the end of the run…

Less than 48 hours until the end of the Glass Apple Bonzai Indiegogo campaign.

The response so far has been incredible and I’m really jazzed to get this album released and to fulfill all the perks.

Thanks to all the contributions so far and to everyone who’s shared the link.


– Daniel X. Belasco

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