What is a Glass Apple Bonzai?


10380535_10154208379690511_444041683399609880_oClimbing out of an ice-cold DeLorean with wild eyes and crazy hair, Glass Apple Bonzai arrives carrying manic romances, frozen hearts, and the introspective darkness of 80s Synthpop to a contemporary audience that hungers for something traditional with a modern twist.

Glass Apple Bonzai, in their relatively short existence, has garnered critical acclaim for their recorded material and their energetic live performances. GAB performed their inaugural show at Toronto’s Aftermath Festival in 2014 (held in the legendary Phoenix Concert Theatre) to an enthusiastic and large audience.

Daniel’s production techniques are an experiment in paving a road to the traditional; a scientific journey into attaining the vibe and feeling of classic 80s records. But Glass Apple Bonzai doesn’t merely sit in the shadow of a long-passed decade, harping on kitsch and panache. This is something new… something genuine. This is a collection of lustrous pop songs with strong hooks and lyrical content that avoids the stereotype of vapid pop-trash and offers the listener something to and think about while singing and dancing along.

“IN THE DARK” is the latest, greatest album by Glass Apple Bonzai, and it will be delivering red-hot nostalgia to walkmen and dancefloors around the world soon.

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