I DIE: YOU DIE’S TOP 25 OF 2015: 25-16

Alex Kennedy and Bruce Lord of I Die: You Die has always been unduly supportive of Glass Apple Bonzai. Incidentally, Alex Kennedy was instrumental in pushing me to finish the first GAB album and start performing live. It doesn’t surprise me, but continually flatters me that they speak so highly of my creative output and have shown that they are purveyors and curators of a vast musical future where the forum of discussion is always open but not held back by favouritism and pandering.
If they don’t like something they are very vocal about it, while still calling in the merits of any given piece of work.
What they say about my music doesn’t even feel contrived or forced. And for that I am absolutely honoured and thrilled to have “Night Maze” included on their “Best of 2015” year-end list.
Click the photo below to visit their page and give all of the acts listed a few minutes of your time.IGUG-YEAR-END-GRAPHICS-2015-2-06


Glass Apple Bonzai Meets Hello Moth

I’m happy to announce the first official contributor to the new GAB album “In the Dark”.
I am honoured to have the amazingly talented Hello Moth contribute his vocal mastery to the song “What They Say”. Breathing new life into the song and giving it just the right amount of ethereal fantasy.

Being afforded the chance to work with such amazingly talented people is one of the biggest perks of being a musician.

If you’re still somehow unfamiliar with Hello Moth please check out this link and visit his website HELLO MOTH


Suicide, You, and I **PREVIEW**

“Suicide, You, and I”
A special preview of the first single and opening track from the upcoming album “In the Dark” to be release Nov. 15th, 2015.

“In the Dark” is a Satanically fueled trip into the darkness of the inner mind and “Suicide, You, and I” tells a tale of two lovers, who in an act of desperation sacrifice themselves to the Devil.

Marked by a smattering of b-movie and old horror samples, “Suicide, You, and I” is a giant monster of Satanic awesome that will likely cause you to have inappropriate thoughts.

Enjoy, and LISTEN LOUD!

The Niagara Music Awards vs. Glass Apple Bonzai

Last night I was the recipient of two awards at the 2015 Niagara Music Awards.
The Engineer of the Year award and the Album of the Year award.
I’m absolutely honoured and elated to have won in two categories that I feel are based entirely on merit and skill.

I pride myself in my recording quality and technique and to have those attributes recognised is a wonderful feeling.
Winning the Engineer of the Year award alone would have left me feeling very proud and satisfied…

Winning Album of the Year absolutely blew me away.
A total surprise.
Not that I don’t recognise my skill as a songwriter, but I am aware that the type of music I make isn’t necessarily the most popular or understood.
Synthpop is kind of a strange grey-area.
So to have the entire album recognised and given accolade was a very proud moment for me.
To be honest, I’m still reeling from it.
Awards aren’t everything, but they ARE something.
And winning these awards is a very big something.

So let me take the time to thank everyone who helped make Night Maze (the album that won) the amazing thing it is.

Jessie Deye, Lex Gore, Sheenah Ko, and Matty DiFranco for contributing their flavourful backing vocals.
The inimitable Paul Sizer for the absolutely amazing artwork.
Martin Bowes for his perfect mastering job.
And of course….Steve.
Steve’s sax solo really is the icing on the cake. Not to mention the unending support from him and his awesome on-stage antics.

Cheers, triple Cheers to all of you.

– Daniel X. Belasco


Limited Special Edition “Night Maze” Cassettes available NOW

Due to the recent popularity of cassette tapes as a novelty item I did a nice professional run of Night Maze on tape.
New exclusive artwork, slightly different mixes, and a special surprise at the end of Side 2 make this a unique collector’s item for the hardcore GAB fan!

Available through Bandcamp.
Click the photo to purchase!


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