Coming Soon! GAB Tapes!

Official cover for the special edition cassette release of Night Maze
Official cover for the special edition cassette release of Night Maze

In about two weeks time a special edition cassette release of Night Maze will be available through the Glass Apple Bonzai bandcamp page.
It will be limited to 100 copies and will include a digital download of the songs as well.
Be sure to check it out!

GAB Bandcamp!

New album details and show announcement!

Hi everyone!
It’s been a while, I know.

Let’s start with the good news.
“Night Maze”, Glass Apple Bonzai’s 2nd album is DONE!
It’s currently being mastered and the artwork is being finalised as we speak.
The release date is May 1st and it will be Digital Only to begin with.

As always the artwork is being done by Paul Sizer of SIZER Design+Illustration
And again, as always the album is being mastered by Martin Bowes @ The Cage – Coventry UK

I’m really proud of this album and can’t wait to unleash it upon the masses.

And speaking of which…I’m pretty damn happy to announce that GAB will be sharing the stage with
Canadian Synth-Legends RATIONAL YOUTH on June 27th @ Nocturne in Toronto, Ontario.

I’ve been a fan of Rational Youth for a long time and this is going to be a special show.
Also performing are Depression Era, who are really good. So show up to see all three acts.
Here’s the poster.

Fresh Tasty News!

So I can let this out of the bag now that it’s official.
I am re-releasing the debut Glass Apple Bonzai as a “Special Edition” CD through Russian record label Razgrom Music.
The CD will include, for the first time on an official physical format the tracks from The Freeze, and My Alliance (To Science!) singles. Previously only available in digital format.
The CDs will be available worldwide and will take place of the original run of CDs I had pressed which are pretty much sold out now.
This also means that orders in Europe, Asia, Africa, and basically anywhere on the Eastern Hemisphere will be taken care of by the label, while I’ll be taking care of some North American orders and of course have the album for sale at shows.
This is a really cool thing because it will help Glass Apple Bonzai reach a wider audience, and we all know that’s pretty much the most important thing.

Check out the Razgrom website here
(it helps if you can read Russian)

New Live Performances Announced!

I keep forgetting to update this thing….

Ok, first up!
Glass Apple Bonzai will be performing a show in Toronto on Friday, March 6th at Nocturne with special guests
“for all the emptiness”

I’ll be doing this show solo as Steve has been abducted by those weird aliens from the movie “Enemy Mine” and right now he’s learning how to be┬áLouis Gossett, Jr.

Anyway, here’s the Facebook event link and the poster for the show (and upcoming 132 Productions shows)

Come see Glass Apple Bonzai perform with "for all the emptiness" at Nocturne - Toronto - Friday March 6th
Come see Glass Apple Bonzai perform with “for all the emptiness” at Nocturne – Toronto – Friday March 6th

And of course, the big news as of late is that GAB will ALSO be performing at this year’s Terminus Festival in Calgary, Alberta in July.
My other band, Defence Mechanism, performed there 2 years ago and it was an absolutely amazing experience.
I expect nothing less this year. Many awesome bands will be performing throughout the 3 days of the festival.

Click on the image below and check out the currently unfolding list of bands performing, and other details!

See Glass Apple Bonzai Performance at Terminus - Velocity - July 2015
See Glass Apple Bonzai Performance at Terminus – Velocity – July 2015

To the land of ice and snow…

So, the big news around the Glass Apple Bonzai camp is that we are confirmed to play a show in Reykjavik, Iceland on Saturday, November 8th at the Dillon.
Krummi (of Icelandic synthpop act Legend) does the booking for the Dillon and he has set the whole thing up. So a big thanks to him.
This is will mark Bonzai’s first out-of-country performance EVER, and what a way to start.
Iceland has been on my list of places to visit since I was a kid, so this is a big deal.
We’ll be performing off-venue during the Iceland Airwaves Festival, so it’s going to be a pretty amazing experience and we’re planning something special for that performance.

In other music related news the “Night Maze” EP is nearing completion and I’m planning a digital release of it at first, then cassette (with download included), and eventually a 10″ vinyl release.
Speaking of vinyl, I’m also putting together the details for a special edition re-release of “Glass Apple Bonzai” on vinyl with a special 7″ 45-rpm of an exclusive “single mix” of Too Late to Let Go.
Also in December (no exact date just yet) I will be doing a live scoring of the Fritz Lang’s 1927 cinematic masterpiece Metropolis.
Join me on stage for that night will be Ethan Moseley of Promonium Jesters, Mutant Women, and Defence Mechanism.
Ethan is a master of weird disjointed noises and electronic wizardry, which are both necessary components to scoring this film.
So far nothing is set in stone, but the details will be finalised soon.

– Daniel X. Belasco

NEW song!

“An Astrophysicist Love Story”
From the upcoming E.P. “Night Maze”

This is the first part of a 2-song narrative created by Van Owen.
Mr. Owen was a big contributor during my Indiegogo campaign and his perk package included having a song written about whatever he desired.
His desire was a story about two scientist lovers separated by a great distance (maybe even different dimensions) who invent a machine to bring them together.
The idea was so awesome that I wrote a second song using a continuation of that concept which will be included on the “Night Maze” E.P.

Big thanks to Van Owen for his unending awesomeness.

2014 A Giant Robot Ate My Drum Machine

Words ad Music by Daniel X. Belasco

GABonzai Live Video!

Thanks to my friend Shifty Dave, there is now video footage of the FIRST EVER Glass Apple Bonzai performance at Aftermath Festival in Toronto.

Here’s the Setlist:

I Can’t Stop Running
Too Late to Let Go
The Fist
Films (Gary Numan cover) – dedicated to Alex Kennedy and Bruce Lord of I Die: You Die
A Million Foolish Hands
Satellite of Fallen Grace


Big special thanks to Steve/Dreamstate Seven for joining me on stage to play keys!

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