A Synth Love Affair Vol. 1

And here it is…a brand NEW Glass Apple Bonzai song called “Wicked Fire (Jazzi’s Theme)”.
This is a unique version of the song available exclusively on the Synth Love Affair Vol. 1 compilation put together by Marko Maric and released through Future 80’s.

Marko approached me to write a song as a gift for his fiancee Jazzi for her birthday.
Naturally, I did the best job I could.

A slightly different version will appear on “In the Dark”

The Great Funding Quest of 2014!

Well, here it is! The Great Funding Quest of 2014 has begun!
I’ve setup an Indiegogo campaign to help get the debut Glass Apple Bonzai album finished, properly mastered, to have rad artwork done by the wonderful Mr. Paul Sizer (paulsizer.com), for a totally awesome CD to be pressed, and for a run of special edition cassette tapes with, like 400 billion wickedly cool things on them! (and some more cool stuff).

The perks were the most fun part to come up with, to be honest.

Anyhow, every little bit of help…helps.
Even if it’s just spreading the word!

The album is really tasty, and I want to share that tastiness with all of you.

Click the image below:


NEW Information Society!

Information Society pretty much started my love for synth pop when I was a kid.
The fact that this is not only a NEW song but it’s with as original of a line-up as we’ll get makes me really happy.
The song is rad too.


Crowd-funding: The Future of The Bonzai

Within the next few days I’ll be starting up an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign for the debut Glass Apple Bonzai full-length album.
Financial problems are nothing new to anyone, but I refuse to let then get in the way of releasing what I think is a very good, well-written album.
I won’t be asking for a lot, and I will be sure to make the perks achievable and fun.

I know it seems fairly unlikely that this kind of campaign would be successful, what with Bonzai having such a small fan base and being pretty much a brand new band, but it would appear that I have some very awesome friends who will do what they can to help me bring this album to the light and give it the release it deserves.

I have a lot of faith in Glass Apple Bonzai, which is a big shift for me as until the last year or so I’ve always been very critical of my work to an almost crippling degree and once a song is done I’ve pretty much washed my hands of it.
But this time around the content and the involvement of the songs is more personal, and most importantly…I ENJOY it more.
It’s fun. It’s tapping directly into my love of synth pop and all styles of electronic music.

I greatly appreciate the support that’s been shown so far.
The friends, the fans, and the music keep me doing what I do.

– Daniel Belasco

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