“In the Dark” NOW Available!


I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that the NEW Glass Apple Bonzai album “In the Dark” is NOW available digitally and for pre-order.
Click on the above image to go to the Storming the Base webstore and lock yourself in for awesomeness.

NEW song!

“An Astrophysicist Love Story”
From the upcoming E.P. “Night Maze”

This is the first part of a 2-song narrative created by Van Owen.
Mr. Owen was a big contributor during my Indiegogo campaign and his perk package included having a song written about whatever he desired.
His desire was a story about two scientist lovers separated by a great distance (maybe even different dimensions) who invent a machine to bring them together.
The idea was so awesome that I wrote a second song using a continuation of that concept which will be included on the “Night Maze” E.P.

Big thanks to Van Owen for his unending awesomeness.

2014 A Giant Robot Ate My Drum Machine

Words ad Music by Daniel X. Belasco

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