New Live Performances Announced!

I keep forgetting to update this thing….

Ok, first up!
Glass Apple Bonzai will be performing a show in Toronto on Friday, March 6th at Nocturne with special guests
“for all the emptiness”

I’ll be doing this show solo as Steve has been abducted by those weird aliens from the movie “Enemy Mine” and right now he’s learning how to be┬áLouis Gossett, Jr.

Anyway, here’s the Facebook event link and the poster for the show (and upcoming 132 Productions shows)

Come see Glass Apple Bonzai perform with "for all the emptiness" at Nocturne - Toronto - Friday March 6th
Come see Glass Apple Bonzai perform with “for all the emptiness” at Nocturne – Toronto – Friday March 6th

And of course, the big news as of late is that GAB will ALSO be performing at this year’s Terminus Festival in Calgary, Alberta in July.
My other band, Defence Mechanism, performed there 2 years ago and it was an absolutely amazing experience.
I expect nothing less this year. Many awesome bands will be performing throughout the 3 days of the festival.

Click on the image below and check out the currently unfolding list of bands performing, and other details!

See Glass Apple Bonzai Performance at Terminus - Velocity - July 2015
See Glass Apple Bonzai Performance at Terminus – Velocity – July 2015

GABonzai Live Video!

Thanks to my friend Shifty Dave, there is now video footage of the FIRST EVER Glass Apple Bonzai performance at Aftermath Festival in Toronto.

Here’s the Setlist:

I Can’t Stop Running
Too Late to Let Go
The Fist
Films (Gary Numan cover) – dedicated to Alex Kennedy and Bruce Lord of I Die: You Die
A Million Foolish Hands
Satellite of Fallen Grace


Big special thanks to Steve/Dreamstate Seven for joining me on stage to play keys!

GAB Performing at AFTERMATH Festival

As most of you know, Kinetik Festival – one of the bigger Industrial/Electronic/EBM festivals – was canceled. Not only for this year, but apparently forever and ever.
Kinetik was to be the stage, literally, for Glass Apple Bonzai’s debut live performance and with the collapse of the festival it seemed that perhaps some rescheduling was in order, and of course huge amounts of disappointment.

Enter the fine minds of Troy Hilton (Darker Side of Light Promotions), Alex Kennedy (I Die:You Die), and Scott Fox (iVardensphere) put their noses to the grind stoned and made a new fire from the ashes of Kinetik.
This fire is called “AFTERMATH :: Industrial/EBM/Synthpop May 22-25th, 2014 ::“, and as you can see it takes place the same weekend that Kinetik was scheduled.


That’s right, we’ve been reinstated and will be performing our debut gig at Aftermath.
Here’s a banner. Because…banners.
AFTERMATH: Industrial/EBM/Synthpop Festival

I know it says “Industrial” on the banner/cover/image/whatever but it’s not just industrial music. Trust me.

I’m really jazzed to be a part of this festival and can’t wait to perform the Bonzai material live. Especially to a bunch of people…instead of the usual room full of 15 people at a dank bar with the crappiest sound system ever. (OK, I kinda like those shows too)

Anyhow, in the meantime I’m busy preparing all of the perk packages for the Indiegogo campaign, and rehearing for the live set.
Hope to see some of you at AFTERMATH!


– Daniel X. Belasco

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