Haunted Graveyard

We are regularly asked where one can find a recording of our cover of the theme and in-game music from the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series.
Well, here you go…

A Synth Love Affair Vol. 1

And here it is…a brand NEW Glass Apple Bonzai song called “Wicked Fire (Jazzi’s Theme)”.
This is a unique version of the song available exclusively on the Synth Love Affair Vol. 1 compilation put together by Marko Maric and released through Future 80’s.

Marko approached me to write a song as a gift for his fiancee Jazzi for her birthday.
Naturally, I did the best job I could.

A slightly different version will appear on “In the Dark”

Fresh Tasty News!

So I can let this out of the bag now that it’s official.
I am re-releasing the debut Glass Apple Bonzai as a “Special Edition” CD through Russian record label Razgrom Music.
The CD will include, for the first time on an official physical format the tracks from The Freeze, and My Alliance (To Science!) singles. Previously only available in digital format.
The CDs will be available worldwide and will take place of the original run of CDs I had pressed which are pretty much sold out now.
This also means that orders in Europe, Asia, Africa, and basically anywhere on the Eastern Hemisphere will be taken care of by the label, while I’ll be taking care of some North American orders and of course have the album for sale at shows.
This is a really cool thing because it will help Glass Apple Bonzai reach a wider audience, and we all know that’s pretty much the most important thing.

Check out the Razgrom website here
(it helps if you can read Russian)

My Alliance to Science!

Back when I was writing demos for what is to become the debut Glass Apple Bonzai I wrote this really rad and somewhat awkward sounding song using only an AKAI MPC 2000xl that I had bought of a friend, but has since retired and a Yamaha Tenori-On, which has also been retired.
I say “awkward” only because it was synth pop, but not the same flavour as the rest of the stuff I was writing.
There’s a strange, harder edge to it while still maintaining a niceness. I guess.

Anyway, I tracked some rough gibberish vocals over it like I always do and during the one chorus I said “My Alliance. To Science. Is My Defiance.”, which is both totally awesome and utterly ridiculous.
Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. The song was dropped from the album because it didn’t fit, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of completing what I feel is a really strong tune, regardless.

I get an email from Artoffact records about my submission to the Kinetik Festival 2014 Compilation CD and I could think of no better song than this awkward one with science in the title, so I sit down to right some lyrics and finish the tune. Because the chorus of “my alliance to science is my defiance” was already firmly engrained in my psyche I figured I’d write a testimony of sorts about how I put my faith in the scientific world and have renounced all sense and concept of a religion from my personal life.
Of course, I believe that each individual can believe in whatever they choose, so I made it as non-confrontational as I could. (though it is a little heavy-handed in a couple of spots)

And in the true retro fashion the version I made for the compilation was called “My Alliance to Science (Radio Edit)”, denoting that it was fairly short (just under 4 minutes).
But because I’m SO RETRO and have a long standing love affair with 12″ extended/club mixes of songs…I went ahead and made one.

So here it is: My Alliance to Science (Extended Mix)

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