Some news of the future…

Hey everyone, Daniel Belasco here.
It’s been a while since I updated this page properly and many fantastic things have happened.
Most recently, I am proud to announce that Glass Apple Bonzai has signed with Artoffact Records for the release of “In the Dark” which will be available soon.
Artoffact has long been one of my favourite labels, bringing us such fantastic acts as Iceland’s Legend, Dead When I Found Her from Portland, Noise Unit, Canadian synth legends Rational Youth, and a multitude of others.
I’m completely honoured and happy to be included among the ranks of such awesome musicians and their incredible sonic output.
More details soon on the release of In the Dark.

A few weeks back I was also honoured with winning the “Electronic Dance Music of the Year” award at the 2016 Niagara Music Awards for the song “Suicide, You, and I” from the upcoming album In the Dark.
It’s always a fantastic feeling to be supported by your local peers, even if they still don’t know what to do with me!


I also had the opportunity to perform at the awards ceremony, which was totally rad. My regular bandmates couldn’t make it for the show so I brought in my old Defence Mechanism keyboardist Alex Parker for the night.
It was fun to hang around and be the biggest weirdos in the place. By far…


In a couple of weeks I’m off to Reykjavik, Iceland for the second time to perform a couple of shows during Iceland Airwaves Festival. Always an exciting trip and a nice chance to get away from regular life for a bit.

For now, follow the link below to a “Pay What You Can” compilation courtesy of Artoffact Records, featuring a couple of tracks from yours truly.


Daniel Belasco
Oct 2016

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